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Buggin’ Out

Bzzz… SLAP! Another one bites the dust, but not before he bit you. There’s millions of them, and they all call North Park their home, feasting on human flesh during the day before the cold temperatures of the night put an end to their rendezvous. They’re big (legend says some of them can reach sizes up to a small pelican), they’re ugly, they’re relentless… they’re the North Park Mosquitoes.

It’s summertime here in the park and the fish are biting as well as the mosquitoes, but they aren’t the only bugs popping off. Drake hatches in the mornings, caddis hatches in the evenings, recent salmon fly hatches in the canyon, yellow sallies, PMDs, blue wing olives, golden stone flies, chironomids on the lakes, and many more are catching the attention of fish and anglers alike. Dry fly season is making the cold meadow streams boil, and this time of year there seems to be nothing more rewarding than hooking up on fish that are looking up and sipping on top. And while anglers come searching for the perfect dry fly day, streamers are still giving fish and anglers a work out, and nymphing with the trusty pink San Juan Worm is still a hit. In other words, you really can’t go wrong.

It doesn’t matter how much we rave about hatches and summertime fishing in North Park, the mosquitoes are still too much of a fear factor for some anglers across the state (most anglers that come from across the country don’t know what they’re getting themselves into before it’s too late). Are you brave enough? If not, go ahead and stay home doing chores or wrestling for a spot at the local and well known fishing hole. If so, pack your bags, grab your rods, stop by North Park Anglers for some bug spray, flies, and friendly advice, and get on your way to some of the best fishing in the state. We’re buggin’ out for bugs, are you?

Written by: Taylor Martin

NPA’s Rob Stout on the hunt for North Park Butter, fishing with a #16 caddis dry fly (photo by Taylor Martin).