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Where to fish?

I have lived in Walden since May of 2003 and I believe getting to live and work in a destination as quiet and majestic as North Park is a true blessing.  Waking up each morning gazing across at the snow-capped peaks daydreaming of fly fishing the valley below is something that will never get old.  However, there is a drawback to living here.  Such as, getting a day off and deciding where to fish.  With the diversity this park has to offer it’s more of a daunting task than one might assume. You must first figure out what it is that you’re after? Is it size, quantity, species, solitude, adventure, hatch, lake, stream, float, wade, etc.…?  Am I looking to toss Big articulated flies on a meadow stream hunting for one big fish.  Or is it that day the drakes are coming off on a tributary and the dry fly fishing is going to be sweet.  But maybe the damsel flies are coming off and sight fishing to 20 inch browns at North Delaney Lake is going to be epic.  But shit, the high country lakes just opened and you know those cutties have yet to see a fly this year and I could easily have a 100 fish day.  Those all sound good but rumor has it the tricos are just getting started and pods of rising fish on the Platte sounds awesome.  It might be time to have one more cup of coffee and then I’ll make a decision…. 







It looks Like I made the right Decision!