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Welcome to the North Park Colorado Fishing Report. This area is home to some of the best fishing in the world. So, throw on your vest and head over to North Park Colorado. Fishing Reports give you the most up-to-date stream information including: what flies are producing, stream flow (cfs) and a description of the stream and lake conditions. We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information we can. If you aren’t finding the reports for the lakes and rivers you are looking for, feel free to call the shop, we’re here to help… (970) 723-4215 or check back daily for our North Park Colorado Fishing Report to get the latest news.

*Please note that our fishing report is as good as yesterday’s information. We try to accurately relay up-to-date information as a friendly service to you. We comprise our information from angler’s reports and our own experience. Please understand that conditions vary daily, if not hourly up here*

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Fishing Report

North Park Fishing Report 3-21-2017

With the warm weather of late our snow is starting to melt.  Here in the park a most of the meadow streams and the North Platte are open.  They are full and muddy washing away most of the snow and ice in the lower valley.  We still have a lot of snow in the valley so for the next couple weeks the rivers will fluctuate based on how  much valley snow is melting each day.  Once the valley snow is gone we should see a nice window of good clear water until the snow in the high country starts to break loose.  The Delaney lakes are still mostly frozen although the warmer weather is starting to take its tole.  Currently there is a sliver of open water on East lake and a hint of open water on the South lake but no open water on North.  If the warm weather continues we could see more open water soon.  We are checking conditions daily and will keep you posted.  Fishing will be in full swing before we know it. 

Spring Special (March 15 until April 15)

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Fish On! NPA


Meadow Streams

Most of the meadow streams are open.  There is a good amount of snow still in the valley and warmer days are causing the rivers to run high and muddy as the valley snow continues to melt.  For the next couple weeks the river conditions will fluctuate based on weather.  Look for colder days to provide the best conditions.  Once the valley snow is gone we should have a nice window to fish the streams before we see the high country break loose.  As for fishing, small streamers using a slow strip has been good as well as nymphing stoneflies and worms.  Fishing is best during the heat of the day and better when the sun is out.  Good Luck!


North Platte

The big river is open.  There’s still large ice dams towards the canyon which is preventing the gauge from reading but each day the warmer weather is taking its tole on it.  We expect it to break loose any-day.  The river will remain high and off color until the valley snow has melted off which should provide a nice window to fish the Platte before the high country run off.  Anyone wanting to fish the Platte in the valley over the next couple weeks should try typical spring patterns such as Pat’s rubber legs in Black, Tan, and Olive, Golden Stones, Worms, and midges.  The early spring fishing can be awesome but timing the conditions is a must.  With snow left in the valley warm days will make the river run high and off color.  Look for the best fishing to come off the heels of a cold stretch.  Good luck! 

FYI: North Platte Flows in North Gate Canyon (Routt Access to Pickeroon)

0-750 CFS good Wade fishing level

500-4000 Good Float/ Fishing Level

4000 and above best for Whitewater

North Platte River Flows: click here


Delaney Buttes

The Delaney Buttes have a sliver of open water on East lake and a pot hole open on South but there is no open water on North lake.  We are checking them daily and will let you know when they open up.   We post an ice off map on our facebook page everyday.  To see exactly what is open head over to our fb page and check it out.

Fish on!


High Country Lakes and Streams

Frozen…  See you in 2017