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Guide Service

What’s included in a guided fishing trip with NPA?

All trips with NPA include use of high quality Orvis fly rods, reels, waders, and boots.  Half day trips include 1 leader, terminal tackle, 6-8 flies, transportation to and from the fly shop, 4 hours of fishing, and drinks.  Full day and float trips include 1 leader, terminal tackle, 8-12 flies, lunch and drinks, transportation to and from fly shop and 8 hours of fishing.

What time of year is best?

We guide trips from April through October. Every month of the season has its perks and there is always good fishing to be had. Different fisheries are better at different times of the year, but since we fish so many different rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and private ranches something is always fishing well.

Do you rent gear?

All of our trips include the use of high quality Orvis waders, boots, rods, and reels.  We do rent high quality Orvis gear as well.

What Rivers and lakes do you fish?

Most of the waters we fish are located in North Park.  There are a few streams we fish that are just outside the park but are still part of our system and tributaries of the North Platte River.  For a list of waters we have access to guide both public and private, please refer to the “guide service page”.    “hyperlink to page”

 Are Fishing licenses included in the cost of the trip?

No.  Licenses are not included in the cost of the trip.  We do sell both Colorado and Wyoming licenses in our fly shop and we’ll be happy to get you the appropriate license before the trip.  Licenses are sold by cash or check only.  Licenses can also be purchased at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife service web page at:

What is a typical guide gratuity?

A typical gratuity for a guide is 20% of the cost of the guide fee.  An average tip is anywhere from $75-$150, with $100 for a full day being the average.  Gratuity is not mandatory but is very much appreciated.  This is an important part of a guide’s income so please consider a nice tip if you feel like your guide worked hard to give you a great experience.

What size fly rod should I bring?

North Park is very diverse and fly rods from 2-8 weights can be very effective.  However, on a typical guide trip with North Park Anglers, a 9-foot, 5 or 6-weight fly rod, with a weight forward fly line is perfect.  If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one.  Feel free to contact the shop a few days before your trip to see what we recommend.

 What type of leader and tippet?

We recommend letting your guide pick out a fresh leader for the day.  Early in the season we generally use 7 ½ -9 foot 2 and 3x leaders. As the season progresses we’ll use 7 1/2-9 foot 4 and 5x leaders. This can change by the day and river and each guide has their own preferences.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Bring rain gear no matter what the weather report forecasts. If you don’t have rain gear, we’ll have extras (but can’t guarantee they fit just right). Also bring a fleece or other type of jacket (even in August). In the spring and fall bring winter hats and gloves, and also have warm fleece or heavy-duty long johns to wear under waders. In North Park when storms roll through it gets cold fast, even in the summer.

Where should I meet my guide?

All trips start at the fly shop.  Make sure to call (970) 723-4215 a few days before the trips to get an official start time.  We typically meet between 7-8am but that can change depending on river/lake location and fishing conditions.

What can I expect to catch?

North Park is known for wild Brown trout.  With that being said we enjoy a very diverse fishery.  Depending on location we’ll target browns, rainbows, brookies, and cutthroat.  Most browns and rainbows average 12-16 inches in size with some going over 20 inches.

Is there a medical facility in North park?

Yes we have a medical clinic in the town of Walden.  More serious emergencies usually call for a helicopter or ambulance trip to Fort Collins, Laramie, or Steamboat Springs?

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed to join any North park Anglers guide trip.

Can I bring a non-fishing companion?

Depending on the location of the trip we can usually accommodate a non fishing companion limited to 1 guest.  Lunch and drinks will be an extra charge of $25, and they may not fish with or near the guide.

Are there any activities in the Park for a non-fishing guest?

Within the park there are many trail heads great for hiking and biking.  There are also a few outfitters that offer horseback riding around the park.  Within a short drive from North Park in all directions there are towns offering other activities; North of Walden 1 hour is Saratoga, Wyoming, which is famous for natural hot springs.  To the West one hour is Steamboat Springs, which offers many activities such as, horseback riding, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and great shopping.  And to the South of Walden is Grand County, which features three great Mountain towns, Winter Park, Grand Lake, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Winter Park is well known for their Alpine Slide and Mountain Bike trails.

 Can I leave my vehicle at the fly shop while I’m on a trip?

Yes you can, however we ask that you park on the opposite side of the street so we leave open spots in front of the shop.

Can I follow the guide to the location in my vehicle? 

Normally yes, depending on the location of the trip, sometimes we’ll ask that you ride with our guide because of the rough nature of the roads.

Are there any facilities located near the water we’ll be fishing?

Usually no, however some of the waters we fish will have a lodge, house, or bathroom which we can allow you to use.

How many guests fit on a river/lake float trip?

Our float trips are designed for 1 or 2 anglers per boat.  We do not offer any float trips for 3 anglers per boat.

Do you charge for flies on guided trips?

Every angler is allotted 6-12 flies per trip depending on the trip you have booked.  After you use the allotted amount of flies included in your trip, it’s up to the guide.  Our guides don’t normally charge you for using extra flies unless they feel you were breaking flies off on purpose or in a disrespectful manner. In that situation we’ll charge $2.10 a piece for nymphs/dry flies and $2.50 for streamers.  Our guides are working hard to get you into fish.  If you’re working hard to learn and catch fish, they’re happy to share their box with you.



Sportsmen’s Retreat

Why should we stay at the Sportsmen’s retreat?

The Sportsmen Retreat is the quintessential home away from home located in Paradise.  The house is loaded with everything you’ll need.  Just bring your rod and reel.  If you like to cook your own meals, great the kitchen is loaded with everything a true chef needs.  If not, the house is walking distance to all restaurants and bars in Walden.  The house is centrally located in the town of Walden giving close proximity to all rivers/ lakes and mountain ranges in North Park.    Whether you like to fish, hunt, snowmobile, hike, bike, bird watch, jeep, or just get out of town for the weekend, the Sportsmen Retreat is the perfect getaway.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

It’s a 3 bedroom/ 2 full bathroom house.  There are 5 traditional beds and one couch bed for a total of 6 beds.  The 1st bedroom has a queen, and twin bed, the 2nd bedroom has 1 queen, and the 3rd room has a bunk bed (full on bottom, twin on top).  In the living room there is a large couch that turns into a queen bed.

 How many guests can stay at the house?

The Sportsmen retreat allows 6 guests max.

What amenities are included with the house?

The Sportsmen Retreat is fully loaded. The kitchen includes refrigerator, freezer, pots, pans, crock-pot, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, plates, glassware, knives, cutting boards, glass baking dishes, dishwasher, and an outside deck with BBQ.  The living room has a large couch, two love chairs, and T.V. w/ satellite.  All bathrooms are loaded with towels, wash rags, hand soaps, lotion, and shampoo.  Each of the bedrooms feature sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and alarm clocks.  There is a large covered front deck perfect for removing waders/ boots and hanging to dry.

How many vehicles can we park?

There is enough room to comfortably park 3 full size vehicles.  Guests pulling boats or trailers usually can fit their vehicles on the street in front of the vacant lot next door to the house.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are not allowed, this is strictly enforced!

Where is the Sportsmen Retreat located?

The Sportsmen Retreat is located on McKinley street one block east of Main Street directly behind the Shell Gas station.  The address for the house is 596 McKinley Street, Walden, CO. 80480.  The house is walking distance to all restaurants, the fly shop, and both convenient stores.

Is there laundry service?

We do not offer a laundry service.  There is a laundry mat within walking distance of the house.

Can I smoke in the house?

NO, smoking is strictly prohibited!