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We have 2 marquee float trip options to offer you our valued client but we also float the North Platte River along many different sections from Walden to Saratoga, and the Encampment River.  Our River systems are freestone, meaning there are no dams, our float seasons are dictated by the previous winter’s snow-pack.  Most years our float season lasts from late May until mid July. All of our float trips are designed for 1-2 anglers and are Full Days only.  Transportation, flies, terminal tackle, any needed equipment, lunch and non-alcoholic beverages are provided on these trips.

Our first premier float option is along the North Platte through the “Platte River Wilderness Area”.  North Park Anglers is one of the few shops in the lower forty eight with a premier wilderness float that can be done in one day.  This is an amazing section of remote River that flows North from Colorado into Wyoming. Our float is nine miles of varying water types with everything from class III rapids and great pocket water to expansive flats, perfect for dries and hoppers. We run top of the line Down River rafts with full frames and casting decks designed for the comfort of two anglers and a guide.  Not only is this trip great fishing but it is an epic angling adventure.

Our second premier float option is along the North Platte through the North Park Valley.  This is a completely private float through 9 miles of untouched beauty.  Being a completely private float we only offer this trip a few times of year.  This trip is done with skiff style drift boats and takes place late June through mid-July.  If you would like a shot at this amazing adventure and would like to be a part of a small group of anglers that get to fish this untouched water, give us a call.

The other North Platte float trips that we offer are listed below.  These are very good fishing but can have more traffic than we are used to due to the easy boat ramps and logistics.  Whether you just want to learn the river or would like to see another section of the North Platte we would love to take you.  We can generally run these sections of river from June through late July.

North Platte Trips

Prospect Creek to Bennett Peak (18 Miles)

Bennett Peak to Treasure Island (13 Miles)

Treasure Island to Saratoga (10 Miles)

The last float we offer is along the Encampment River in nearby Riverside, Wyoming.  The Encampment River is a gem among the West and we know it very well.  The float is 12 miles in length and flows through some of the most pristine trout country in the west.  In general we float the Encampment River from late June through mid July.  Most of this float is across private land so there are not many options for wade fishing.  For this float we run Down River Rafts with full fishing frames.

Here’s a link to a video we shot with Terry Wikstrom of our float through the wilderness.


Would you like to book a Trip?  If so please call (970) 723-4215 or shoot us an email at and let one of our seasoned team members guide you through the process.  We don’t have a “Book Now” feature on our site because we want to talk with you, our valued customer, and make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking for in a guided fishing trip with North Park Anglers.  How can we meet the needs and desires of your group if we just allow you to select a trip online?  There are many intricacies to gearing up for a fishing trip (experience) and by taking a few minutes to chat with us we’ll only get another step closer to reaching our goal of meeting your expectations.  Let us get to know you and your group and we’ll pick the right spot, the right guide, and show you all of what we love about North Park and our fishery.  Give us a call today to begin your adventure! (970) 723-4215


North Platte Canyon $600.00 (2 anglers max per boat)  This float we put in at “6 Mile gap” and take-out at Prospect Creek or Bennett Peak

North Platte Valley $700.00 (2 Anglers max per boat)

North Platte River (Prospect Creek- Saratoga) $600.00 (2 Anglers max Per Boat)

Encampment River $500.00 (2 anglers max per boat)