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Calling all Trout Bums

Calling all trout bums and tourists! It’s chironomid season at Delaney Buttes and the fish are hungrier than ever. The recent passing of Memorial Day Weekend brought fishermen and women from far and wide into quaint little Walden, Colorado, hoping to get a crack at feeding rainbows and browns lurking in North, East, and South Delaney Buttes. Rumor has it that red, sizes #12-16, chironomids really hit the sweet spot for the fish this weekend, but pretty much any and all colors were working including, black, olive, brown, and blue. The trick of the trade seemed to be deep nymph rigs (about 15-18 feet) with indicators, and if you are the proud owner of a float tube, pontoon boat, drift boat, or a really heavy-duty pool floatie*, you’re going to have the upper hand.


It’s safe to say that approximately 80% of the people who stopped by the shop this weekend were headed out to North Delaney, and it’s hard to blame them. The gold medal water and numerous 20+ inch trout are hard offers to pass up, but don’t be fooled, North Delaney isn’t the only lake with toads in it (and I’m not talking about the frogs). East and South lake both have equally sized fish, and usually half the number of people throwing fake bugs at them. It’s true that they are smaller lakes and don’t have as many large fish in them as North lake, but you’re almost guaranteed to catch more fish and have to deal with less people. If you’re smelling a skunk at North lake, don’t be afraid to head on over to East or South and take a tomato juice bath for your pride, we’ve all done it.


School’s out, summer is here, the sun is shining, and the fish are eating… get up here! Stop by North Park Anglers to get hooked up with everything you’ll need to get hooked up at the Buttes. Fish on!


*Disclaimer: don’t actually use a pool floatie of any kind (even the heavy-duty ones), that’s dangerous and we don’t want anybody getting hurt, not to mention…brr.

Written by: Taylor Martin