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Waters We Fish


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North Platte

North Park is home to the true headwaters of the North Platte River. Draining more than a half of a dozen rivers from the surrounding mountain ranges, the North Platte is a tremendous trout fishery with several distinct sections along its length. Through North Park and Walden, the North Platte is a meandering meadow river with wide riffles, slow deep pools, and steep undercut banks.
On the rivers northward course it enters the rugged Northgate Canyon near the Colorado/Wyoming state line.  This section is designated as Gold Medal Wild Trout water.  Pugnacious rainbows and secretive brown trout inhabit these waters.  Numerous caddis, stonefly, and mayfly hatches can provide fast-paced fishing action. In summer, thick grasshopper populations inhabit the meadows, and a good hopper pattern cast against a deep bank can result in heart-stopping strikes.

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Meadow Streams/ Tributaries

Numerous smaller streams flow from the high mountains towards their confluence with the North Platte River, providing countless fly fishing opportunities. Streams such as the Michigan, Illinois, North Fork, Canadian, Grizzly, Chedsey, Norris, and the Roaring Fork hold large populations of wild trout; with many fish over twenty inches caught each year.
Riddled with deep pools, beautiful riffles, and endless oxbows, the area’s small streams can provide some great fly fishing.  There is an abundance of public accesses on these waters through state leases.  Some of the biggest fish in North Park are caught annually in these streams!

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Area Still Water’s

North Park is fortunate to have numerous still water fishing opportunities ranging in size from several hundred acres to small ponds. Most of these lakes are teeming with insects such as damselflies, callibaetis, and chironomids. Scuds, the fresh water shrimp found in our lakes, are a major part of every fish’s diet in these lakes, helping to grow the trophy fish we all dream of catching. Such food sources result in thick, well-fed trout that readily eat flies, fight hard, and make fly anglers grin ear-to-ear. Lakes such as John, the Delaney Buttes, Cowdrey and our private still waters are truly what we call “hawg farms”. Lake John and Cowdrey Lake are known for healthy populations of thick, hard fighting fish. North Delaney is classified as Gold Medal Water by the state of Colorado, and is where the State collects its brown trout eggs for on-going stocking programs here in Colorado. South and East Delaney both grow trophy trout and are known for big cutthroats and rainbows. Other lakes in the area are Big Creek Lake, Seymour, Joe Wright, Chambers, Long Draw, and Teal and Tiago.

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High Country Streams and Lakes

For those fly anglers seeking a less-traveled, back country setting, countless high mountain lakes and streams surround North Park.  Our valley is surrounded by 5 distinct mountain ranges all teeming with high country lakes and streams.  These waters can provide a fabulous day, or days and weeks, of fly fishing. Big rainbows, brook trout, gorgeous cutthroat, kokanee salmon, and Lake trout, as well as the occasional grayling inhabit these alpine waters. Anglers willing to hike off the beaten path can reap astounding rewards. What is available here in North Park will take your breath away.